Help Send Laura to Mexico

As one of the leaders of a graduate student ministry associated with Intervarsity at UBC, Laura Bulk has been invited to be part of the Canadian delegation to the 2015 World Assembly this July in Mexico City.

World Assembly creates a rare opportunity for believers in campus ministry from 120 nations to gather together, learn, pray, encourage and discern. Laura reflects, 

"World Assembly has become especially timely for me, as I've been struggling as a scholar without many Christians around me who are encountering similar challenges associated with research and academia. At World Assembly I will have the opportunity to meet with research students and faculty who are living in similar situations, and learn from and with them how God would have us conduct ourselves in academia. This will further equip me to serve students here at UBC during this coming year.

As I embark on this journey, I would deeply value your support and prayers as I and others from around the world prepare to go. I want to learn what God's vision is for me in campus ministry at UBC. I hadn't anticipated that while doing my PhD God would also be leading me to be part of this exciting movement. Finally, for fundraising - I don't like having to ask for funds, but as a mentor here on campus pointed out, it is a big part of the whole thing: trusting God that he will provide for me and my teammates to go. So please pray that I'd be wise, patient, trusting and most of all glorifying to God in this process."

If you'd like to support Laura in any way, email her here or connect with her this Sunday, June 28, as she shares a bit more about her trip during the service.