Mexico Missions Trip 2016: Bake Sale

Over Spring Break 2016, a group from Redemption Church will be heading down to Baja, Mexico to participate in a housebuilding project.  This is a small pilot group who are trying to figure out what it looks like for whole families to join others in mission - both locally and globally.  

Gord and Carol Taylor spent about 7 years there with their family.  Groups from our church went down annually to support them and the ministry they were part of.  It's been many years since a group from Redemption Church has been, and we are exploring the possibility of re-kindling this partnership.  

You'll be hearing more from us in the new year, but we wanted to start fundraising for the house-building project.  After church on Sunday, December 13, we'll be having a bake sale.  Bring cash to enjoy some sweet treats after lunch or buy some goodies for your friends!

For more information, please contact Lisl.  

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