New: Redemption Church Facebook Group


Hi Redemption, 

We’ve been thinking of ways to create a community space where you can make connections with each other (and make some new friends!) outside a Sunday church gathering. Thus we've decided to open up a Redemption Facebook group.

This is a great place for you to post open invitations if you’d like others to join you in going to events, doing activities together, or share resources (ie. having a room for rent, lending/borrowing tools). Think of this as an extended community space. 

We do have a few things guidelines so that we can keep this group safe and welcoming, which are listed below.

Things to note:

  • Let's stay invitational rather than promotional. For example, you can invite people to join you in going to events, but this is not a place to promote personal business ventures. 
  • We love discussion, but let's be mindful of others, and encourage each other. Treat this space as a thoughtful conversation with a friend. 
  • This is a church-affiliated group, so let's be mindful and appropriate, although events and gatherings don't have to be church related (ie. inviting others to go hiking with you). In fact, we encourage community activities. 

While this is a Redemption Church group, we hope that invitations are not limited to church members as we would love to see church members bring along friends outside of church as well.