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The escalating level of anxiety in our children begs for an explanation as well as a solution. Dr. Neufeld sheds light on this age-old problem, paving the way for natural interventions that can actually get to the root causes as opposed to just managing symptoms. This course brings a fresh and promising perspective to one of our most troubling and perplexing human problems. Although the focus is on children, this enlightening material will benefit anyone suffering from anxiety.

Course Outline

The course is divided into two parts: theory and application. The first three sessions are dedicated to unfolding a model of anxiety that has universal application. Given that anxiety is such an enigma, shedding light on its roots is absolutely essential to addressing the problem. Once the key insights are mastered, the implications and applications flow rather logically.

The theory part of the course revolves around three conceptual keys that unlock the necessary insights. These keys come from three diverse scientific fields of knowledge: neurobiology, attachment and vulnerability. Only in bringing all these insights together does anxiety reveal its secrets. Topics that will be covered are: the neuroscience of anxiety; anxiety, attachment & vulnerability; a working model of anxiety; practical steps to addressing anxiety.

This is a four-week course. There will be a 1 hour video that participants can watch prior to the sessions, and a 1 hour facilitated discussion each week with Dr. Ruth Lawson-McConnell applying the principles to our own children.

Participants can submit any questions to Dr. Lawson-McConnell that they would like to have a discussion about by the Tuesday morning before the session.

Dr. Ruth Lawson-McConnell is a sought-after counsellor with 30 years’ experience counselling adults, children, adolescents and families. She divides her time between private practice counselling, parenting consulting, supervision, presenting professional development seminars, conference speaking, academic research and writing as well as teaching (adjunct lecturer Masters of Counselling, Morling College, Sydney). Ruth is qualified to the highest level and is a gifted and empathic counsellor, specialist supervisor, compelling speaker and teacher.