Membership is not simply about signing on a dotted line of beliefs, but rather joining a family that is seeking to share Christ with the world, and committing to support each other in this task.

The Redemption Membership Covenant is a stated commitment that we are living in community together, and seeking to embody the values of our church in active expressions of love and service. 

Members attend annual general meetings to vote on things like the budget, attend special meetings called occasionally related to the major decisions and direction of the church, serve and lead in various ministry areas, as well as representing the church and setting an example of faith and service both publicly and within our church community.

Often membership in covenant community is seen as limiting and exclusive, but we see it as just the opposite!

It is in fact a way of creating more room to include people; it provides stability in the community to help people grow in their faith, and it stretches us to be a diverse community: to love and serve those who are not like us. It provides the leadership with accountability to the people that they serve, and it provides accountability for the people toward God.

This community relationship is reciprocal in that the leadership of the church commits to you, as you commit to them. 

If you feel led to become a member of our non-profit church society, you must be an active member of our community for three months or more, have read and completed the statement of faith and membership application, and been approved by the board and senior pastor. 

You can download the constitution and the covenant forms below, fill them out, and email them to our board secretary:

For all membership inquiries, please contact our office:

Forms for download:

Membership application. (to obtain a physical copy of the membership application please contact the church office)

Constitution and By-laws.

PAOC “Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths”