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In the next few days we will be launching the all-new Redemption church directory. To help us stay connected with one another you will be able to opt-in to adding your contact details to our church directory which will be accessible through the Church Center app. 

If we have your contact details on file, we will be sending you an email asking if you would like to join the directory. This is completely voluntary so if you don't want to include your details, you don't have to. We would however encourage you to sign up as a way of staying connected with one another, particularly where wer are not meeting regularly as a congregation in person at the moment.

If you do want to sign up, you can control what details you would like to include from your name, photo, email address, phone number and/or address. Those details are then only accessible through the Redemption account on the Church Center app.

If you want to sign up but don't think we have your details to send you the invite, or have any other quetions about the directory, then please contact us at with your name and the contact details you would like to include.