OIKOS (oy'kos)

The Greek word for home, household, or family


Jesus came as a human being and showed us how to live life in relationship with others. In Scripture we see Jesus spend time with the Father, his disciples, and those of the world around him.

Similarly, Oikos communities seek to express life together through three primary relationships: their upward relationship to God (UP), their inward relationship to one another (IN), and their outward relationship to the world (OUT). 

Oikos communities meet together during the week, usually in homes across Vancouver. Each week, an Oikos will intentionally focus on one of the three relationships, resulting in a three week rhythm of UP/IN/OUT.

Oikos communities contain people of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Our hope is that they resemble the extended family, characterized by discipleship, friendship, and mission.

If you have a general inquiry email oikos@redemptionchurch.ca.

If you’d like to join an Oikos click to the button below to learn more and sign up!

Bayview Oikos

Monday nights at 7:00PM


Zoli & Cheryl Miklos

Heather & David Dunn



Monday nights at 7PM


Devon & Rina Carbol


Wednesday Nights at 7pm


Breezy Kuhnle and Ali and David Penner     Loralie and Steven H. (LoA)

Breezy Kuhnle and Ali and David Penner

Loralie and Steven H. (LoA)


* catered for families with young children, but welcome to all ages

Friday nights from 5:45pm – 8:00pm

Leader: Karen Boldt