The worship songs and hymns we use to praise God at Redemption Church come from a variety of times and places in the history of the Church.  One consequence of this is that some songs and hymns will have masculine language that in its time was intended to be inclusive, but is not always experienced that way today.  Typically this is in the use of “men” (or related masculine words such as “sons”) as inclusive of all the women and men in the Church.  

We acknowledge that this can be both distracting and uncomfortable for some people today, and may require an extra measure of grace and charity.  We do not want to lose either the rich history of worship in the Church, nor the participation of those in our community of worship.  Grace and love will be required to hold these together.  Redemption Church will make every reasonable effort to use inclusive language in its worship and services, while also calling all its worshippers to love their sisters and brothers in Christ with a joyful grace that can receive the gifts of those who have contributed to the Church’s worship in different times and places.

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Monthly Worship Session Recordings

Oasis Sessions are monthly worship session recordings at Redemption Church. The name "Oasis" comes from Isaiah 35, with the picture of God's redeemed finding rest in the midst of the desert. Over and over in scripture God speaks of water refreshing the dry, desolate and barren, and Jesus as the Living Water is where we find that refreshing. Our prayer is for these Oasis Sessions to be times of refreshing as we rest in the presence of the great I AM.


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