Exodus 12: 31-36, 13: 17-22

The first message in our month-long reflection on Israel’s journey in the desert, the space between deliverance from slavery in Egypt and the promised land.

If you haven't already done so, you can prepare for the time in a few ways:

  • Watch the brief summary video from the Bible Project to familiarize yourself with the wider story --
  • Read Exodus 1-18.
  • Reflect on your own desert experiences. Can you identify seasons of transition, testing, and maybe isolation? How did you react? In what ways (if you can spot them) did God manifest himself during that time – and for what reasons?

This is an overtly spiritual journey. I encourage you to pray daily for yourself and for our church, that the Spirit would open up our spiritual eyes and hearts to take stock of the moment in which we find ourselves and to perceive his presence, his working, and his intention. And if you have a friend who is in transition, invite them to join us!