2 Kings 4: 8-37

Do you ever wonder what intimacy with the LORD is, or do you experience it every day? Does it cross your mind every moment you are talking to Jesus? Well, for myself, these questions normally come to mind from time to time. In fact, the bigger question is, are we developing a deeper relationship with Christ going beyond our daily needs? Don’t get me wrong, we always have needs in our lives and those around us. What I mean is, are you getting to that place where you just want to sit next to the LORD allowing Him to speak into the deepest parts of you like Mary did in Luke 10:39?

Every time I read through a passage of Scripture and the Holy Spirit helps me identify such qualities in biblical characters, I love to take note. The passage of 2 Kings 4:8-37, the story of the Shunammite woman and Elisha is one such example. We shall dive deeper into this story and see how intimacy with the Lord is reflected by this woman. I believe, in her encounter with Elisha, she is modelling a picture of our journey with Christ. We go from invitation, to habitation, to intimacy with GOD which leads to the miraculous, as an outflow of our relationship with Him.

It is why this sermon is titled, “An Invitation To Stay”. I encourage you all to take time to read through the passage in 2 Kings 4.