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Have you ever thought being “faithful” looks like putting your feelings aside and proclaiming only the goodness of God? I’m pretty sure that way of living is promoted as holy in many Christian circles. I thought like that too, until I had a very real, personal encounter with the Lord. During an all-church fast, I believe God put it on my heart to bring everything to Him, even the stuff I thought of as unholy. “Just come,” He said. Since then, I have seen a huge increase of intimacy and loving trust as I bring everything to the Lord: my praise, my junk, my doubt, my delight, all of it. 

For this season of Lent, my prayer for Redemption Church is that every person who desires deeper intimacy will respond to God’s open invitation to come. At the beginning of this process, I experienced a lot of fear about how imperfect my expressions of love were compared to the spotless, righteous love of God. In response to that fear, I felt like the Lord put the following poem in my heart.

Title: Keep Coming

Keep coming, love

Even when self-hatred pulls you back

Even when there’s snot mixed with your tears

And your hair might leave dirt smudges

On my feet

My feet don’t mind


So, keep coming, love

Even when condemnation weighs you down

Even when your “old ways” take over

And you think I’m like an ordinary man

I’ll turn your grime to gold

And your shame to praise


Just keep coming, love

I know you’re bruised

But I won’t break you

You’re smoldering

But I won’t quench you

I’m not afraid of your pain

Your urges, your doubts, your rage

My love, just keep coming.


Blessings on your Lenten reflections. And may you know the joy of deep intimacy with our Lord and Savior. Amen.


Naomi Wong is a writer whose permanent residence is in California. She spends her days writing novels and poetry and loves prayer ministry, too. She has attended Redemption Church since January 2019.