Join Kits Cares!

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What is Kits Cares?

It is a program designed by a number of Kitsilano Churches to address hunger and social isolation in the Kitsilano Neighborhood.


A weekly meal jointly hosted by nearby churches at the Kitsilano Neighborhood house located at 2305 West 7th Ave.


For the remainder of 2018, meals will happen every Friday, with doors open to the community from 5:30-7:30. Volunteer hours change according to role. (Meals will move to Thursday evenings starting January of 2019).

Why do this?

  • To meet an acute need for nutrition. Kitsilano and surrounding neighbourhoods are home to a surprising number of unsheltered and other highly vulnerable people (pensioners, widows, the disabled, mental health patients, etc.) who are struggling with poverty- related challenges.

    •  Regular access to a nutritionally-appropriate meal made with quality ingredients is essential for general health as well as other life outcomes.

  • To help satisfy a deeper hunger. Loneliness afflicts many Vancouverites, and hits low- income people and young adults hardest.

    • Community meals if they're carefully organized to foster mutually transforming relationships - are amazing environments for creating a sense of belonging for socially isolated neighbours.

    • Jesus has reminded us that "no one lives by bread alone." Shared meals can offer a genuine taste of the shalom Jesus invites us into.

  • To Find Joy in Working Together. Jointly offering a meal to our most vulnerable neighbours can help us experience the joy of recognizing Christ in each other.

How do I get involved?

  • Participate in 1+ meals per month (Email Maria to sign up as a volunteer)

    • Roles Include the following:

      • Food preparation

      • Dining Room Set-up

      • Kitchen Clean Up

      • Servers and Bussers

      • Dishwashing

      • Dining Hall Clean Up

      • Conversationalists!

        For more information about each role check out this link!

  • Additional support:

    • Prayer support

    • Seasonal celebrations

    • Talents and interests for special events/classes

    • Partnerships and donations

Email for any questions or more information!

Mom and Tot Playgroup is looking for help


Children's Play Group

Kids, parents and the stuff of life

Redemption Church hosts a weekly play group for parents with young children.

The play group offers a safe, engaging space for children and an encouraging and supportive environment for their parents.

Being involved with this group is an a opportunity to connect and build relationships with families in the community.

Ways to be involved:

1. Host - The group is looking for an able bodied person to set up and host.

2. Parents - Parents with young children, come hang out!

3. "Honorary" Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles - If you enjoy connecting with parents and their children, your presence is welcome (as you are able)!!! Parents would appreciate and enjoy your perspective on life

Children's Play Group meets Wednesdays, 10:00am-12:00pm at Redemption Church

For more information, email Maria

Church Year Committee is Recruiting!


The Church Year Committee (CYC) has been meeting for about two years and its goal as a team has been to facilitate Redemption’s experience and understanding of the church calendar, particularly the seasons of Lent and Advent.

Leading up to these seasons they meet regularly to explore creative ways of bringing them more clearly into our midst through music, scripture, visual art, blogs, and so-on.

They are always ready to welcome new members and are currently on the lookout for someone with aesthetic skills! If you would like to join please email Maria.

Photography Contest

Photo contest.png

Starting October 4th and running until October 21st, we will be accepting photo entries which capture our church and community.

There will be two themes in which you can submit your photos, Past and Present:

  • Past: Photos of our church's history. Were you present at The Hollywood? Do you have pictures of U-Town services or PGCC back in the day?

  • Present: Photos of our recent events, parties or other fun times that you’ve enjoyed with your church family. These can be oikos moments, volunteer days or even just a regular Sunday.

A $20 gift card prize will be available for each of our two category winners and the top five submissions will be shown to the whole congregation on Sunday October 28th during the service.

Please send your submissions to Maria along with a description of the photo, submission category, date/year and your name.

Submissions are also accepted by mail or you can drop them off at the church office. The post address is as follows: 3512 West 7th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6R 1W3