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Creatives are important to society at all times; during a world-wide pandemic that strives to seprate us, we have to take care of each other and make sure no one is lost in the mix. Creatives, you are loved and valued. We want to hear from you. We need to hear from you! B.C. Creatives 2020, an online art show, is an opportunity for local creatives to showcase their work to our community. There will be several themes including:
  • Spiritual growth
  • Racial injustice
  • Reconciliation
  • Loss
  • Beauty
  • Mental illness
  • Redemption
Local artists will be given the opportunity to send in photographs of their work, or 2-5 minute videos of songs, spoken word, comedy, poetry, art pieces, etc. Submit your creations and invite your neighbours and friends to as well.

Some guidelines:

  • The contest is open to anyone in our community however we can only showcase the work of 20 creatives within this time-frame. 
  • Each creative can make one submission.
  • Each submission must be the original work of the creative (or group of creatives) submitting it. 
  • The submission (photographs and/or videos) must be made via the form below and must be received by November 28, 2020. 
  • Entries must maintain a PG rating.

For any queries relating to B.C. Creatives please contact Pastor Michele Wong.

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How to submit your artwork for B.C. Creatives

Please click on the button below in order to complete a submission form and upload your piece. Your submission must be received by November 28th, 2020.