Matthew 24: 36-44; Isaiah 2:1-5; Psalm 122; Romans 13: 11-14;

This week Pastor Barry launches our Advent Sermon Series entitled, "Get Ready". What does hope mean for us in the present?



Each week of Advent we will be posting on our Facebook community group page an activity for you to participate in during the week if you would like to. You can also find the activity here.
The activity for this week is: listen to "Emptiness" by United Pursuit
Before you begin, take out coloured pens - can be markers, or ballpoint pens - and a blank piece of paper. As you listen to this song, ask God to bring to mind one particular area in your life where you currently are experiencing "emptiness". Ask Him to fill it. He speaks, and brings hope where there once wasn't. Now draw anything that comes to mind - it can be any combination of words and pictures. Don't focus on trying to make it "perfect", just draw. As you ask these questions, images will come up, or feelings - draw them as best you can. Use any colours you like. This is not about creating a perfect masterpiece, but just creating.
Each week we will do a different activity. If you would like to participate in sharing your piece with the congregation, please email a jpeg of your drawing to and it will be a part of a slideshow before next Sunday's service.
If you would like to look at the art piece that was shared on Sunday or read the artist's statement, you can find both above.