Psalm 73

This week we are led by guest speaker Mark Lewis who is the Assistant Superintendant for Revitalisation at the PAOC, BC and Yukon District. We will be looking at Psalm 73 and considering how we deal with doubt during the Christmas Period.


Advent Week 2:

Advent Activity:

Take a walk at night with your camera/phone, and search out examples of light - the more dramatic, the better. And as you walk, ask God to point out to you the places in your heart where there has been darkness; and where you need to let His light in still, or let it in again. 

Advent Art:

The attached file is a photo of the art piece prepared by Holly Johnson for week 2 of Advent.

 Artist Statement for Advent Week 2 Art Piece: "Waiting in the Darkness 1"  

This piece was created with soot and candle wax, on an 18''x24'' piece of rag paper. The image itself was drawn by slightly burning the paper with a candle flame, and catching the soot as it travelled up off the page. The wax then dripped from the candle onto the bottom of the paper.

In thinking about light and darkness in the creation of the piece, I was struck by how, although the image was created from the light of a candle, the "residue" is all that's left - the presence/memory of light is what created the image, but it does not contain the light. Instead, what's left is the dark soot, and candle wax. The same can be true when we find ourselves in dark places, or times of darkness - we focus on that darkness, and don't realize that light is present. During this advent season, we ask Jesus to draw attention to those places in our lives that are still filled with darkness, so that His light can fill it instead.   "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned" Isaiah 9:2; Matthew 4:16