Welcome, Baby Devine!

Congratulations to second-time parents, Frank and Amber Devine as well as Nathan, who is now an older brother!

A baby changes everything (in the best possible way)! To help the family adjust to these new changes and spend precious time together, here is a meal planner so you can bless them with a meal during this transition.

If you would like to support the Devine family by providing meals, you can access their online meal schedule by clicking here, or by visitingTakeThemAMeal.com and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Devine) and password (baby).

Please sign up for a day and if possible what you are taking. There are no allergies but please no spicy food OR egg dishes (eg quiche). 

If you could kindly drop the meals to their home BETWEEN 5pm AND 5.30pm, and please understand their need for quiet rest and SLEEP. 

Thank you so much for your love and support for this amazing family. We are rejoicing with them on the safe and happy arrival of baby Joshua. 

For more info, contact Melissa Horman: lissahorman@gmail.com

Homestay with a Heart: Host a Student this Summer

We love hospitality, and welcoming newcomers, so if you have one or more spare rooms in your house, consider hosting an international student coming to Vancouver this summer!

You'll be compensated as you practice hospitality, make a new friend and learn about a new culture. Visit homestayheart.com or email Lucia Lam for more info: llucia@alumni.ubc.ca

Help the Hormans!

The Hormans moved into their new place this past weekend and your help is still needed! There are several ways to help out: bring them a meal, hang out with the kiddos, or help unpack. Their new house has a pool, so bring your swimsuit, towel, and come on over to work and play. 

Click here to bring them a meal. For details about moving and how to lend a hand, contact Melissa Horman at lissahorman@gmail.com

Plan to Protect Volunteer Training Workshop: June 21 - Cancelled

Plan to Protect Volunteer Training Workshop

Notice to all volunteers with the kids and youth!

Our scheduled training is cancelled to focus on Greek Days - if you've already signed up, Lisl will be keeping you posted about the next training day!  If you're still interested in getting some awesome training and helping out with our kids' programs, please email her to get involved and sign up for the next training date! 




Save the Date: Summer Kids' Camp July 21-25

Summer Kids' Camp - SAVE THE DATE:

*Kids and parents - mark your calendars for July 21-25 when we  will be having our summer kids' camp.  Stay tuned for more details!

*Teens, preteens, students and parents - we will be recruiting volunteers, so mark your calendars as well!!


Greek Day aka Church on the Street Day!

We've been hearing about how to live out our faith in community this last little while, and now we've got the chance to get practical!  

Last year we had a fabulous time doing the same thing at two of Vancouver's busiest street festivals, and made lots of new friends, helped people relax, and blessed many with rest and a place to pause amidst the crowds. 

This year on Sunday, June 22nd, our signature summer event will be on the street in front of the Hollywood Theatre for Greek Day, alongside community partners Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and Vancity. We'll need between 30-50 volunteers to make this event a success, so mark the date on your calendars now and join us that Sunday for some service in action! 

Sign up today: sarah@pgcc.org or erincarbol@gmail.com

Opportunities include:

Supporting Greek Days Volunteers:

4 volunteers for Greek Days Kids’ Area throughout the day to give Greek Days volunteers breaks. 

Skills: willing to work with kids & parents in a busy area

Info Table:

4-6 people (in shifts of 2) willing to man our info table throughout the day and talk to people about our church as well as our history at the Hollywood/developments.

Skills: Networking and people skills; willing to talk to strangers and speak on behalf of the church 

Marketing & Promotion:

If you're artistic or media savvy and want to help with presentation in advance - any graphic design, posters, business cards or ways to show who we are in a public space/format (art, posters, telling the story etc) would be helpful!


4-5 people to unload the van, set up tents, couches, tables and gear; help lift and carry things.

Skills: muscles and ability to start at 9:00am Sunday.


4-5 people to pack up gear, clean up area; return things to church building and storage.

Skills: muscles, organization

Time: 4-6pm 

Chill Tent/Oasis: 

4 people always present on 2-3 hour shifts each


Mingle, greet, facilitate area, provide info and water refills (cooler or bottles).

Connect with people and chill out with them, monitor and keep area clean.

We will be there to help people who need a rest from the crowds, a cup of water, a moment of quiet; a cell phone recharge etc

Manage sidewalk chalk area for kids, chairs for parents to sit and rest in; manage colouring sheets of the Hollywood & handing out crayon boxes. 

Volunteer Tent:  

2 people every 2 hours  (~8 people)

Space for volunteers from Kits House and Vancity to take a break, get a snack, stash their gear, take a rest, connect with someone.


2-3 people wanting to gain event management experience to help oversee all areas and coordinate organization and trouble-shooting with Sarah Kift (basically be extra Sarahs - be able to know the big picture in terms of volunteers, logistics, timing, gear, and task lists as well as regular check-ins of specific areas). 

Working with Vancity and Kits House:

Volunteers to work alongside Kits House and Vancity volunteers at their tents throughout the day, running games and activities.

Skills: people wanting to make community connections and build bridges with our partners; show our love for the community in a practical way through serving with them shoulder to shoulder.

 Scheduled shifts will be organized with Vancity & Kits House. 

Volunteer Party - June 18

All volunteers will be invited to an orientation/pizza party here at the church on Wednesday, June 18th, where you'll receive an awesome t-shirt to wear at Greek Days, your assigned role and shift time and a chance to meet and greet our friends and fellow volunteers and staff at Vancity and Kits House. 

Sign up today!





Volunteer this Summer!

sunday crew.png

Want to get involved on a crew or team with the church? Sticking around town this summer and looking for some meaningful volunteer work?

We've got lots of spots open this summer and would love to have you!

Check out the various areas below - and join our volunteer community! And if you'd like to help out in any other ways, from special events to projects to a particular skill or talent you'd like to contribute, please don't be shy. Talk to one of our staff on Sunday or send us an email: info@pgcc.org



Make the building ready, set up chairs, greet newcomers, facilitate communion, offering and other in-service events, and assist people with various needs and information. 

A great way to meet new people, practice hospitality and get involved in church life as part of a consistent team. 

Committment level: Once a month; minimal training required; 8am-1pm Sundays until we have more people! 

Email Sarah Kift: sarah@pgcc.org



We're always looking for new creations and ways to document our church life - so if you're creatively minded and would like to add your art or photos to our ever-changing collections, we'd love to have you. From blackboards to web space, there's room for your particular lens. 

Email Sarah Kift: sarah@pgcc.org



Set-up, serve and clean up coffee and tea and all the fixings for both services; you will have so many grateful people thanking you that it will make you feel totally awesome! 

Committment level; Once a month; minimal training required. 

Email Tracy Moar: tracymoar@gmail.com



Prepare and project the worship songs, record the sermon, coordinate and project slideshows and other media for pastors and staff.  

Commitment level: Once a month; training required; 8am-12pm Sundays

Email Ian Lin: ilin09@hotmail.com



Practice and play instruments or sing vocals as part of a band.

Commitment level: Once every three Sundays plus practice times (varys within in each band), musicianship and singing ability required.  

Email Tyson Beesley: tyson@ pgcc.org


Manage a complex sound board and speaker system; dynamic adjustments as required by various bands; movement of sound equipment and stage set-up as required. 

Commitment level: once a month; significant training required.  

Email Ian McLeod: creedence85@gmail.com



Come prepared to pray for people after the service; pre-service prayer at 8:30am or 10:30am.

Commitment level: Once every three weeks; personal interview and confirmation by leadership team required.  

Email Tony Vick: tonyvick@shaw.ca



Every Sunday we have three different classes running for kids age 3-13 in various locations. 

Commitment level: Varied times and rotations; criminal record check required; personal interview required. 

Email Lisl Baker: lisl@pgcc.org  

Welcome, Baby Barry!

Garrett & Emily welcomed a second baby boy last week, and we are all looking forward to meeting the newest member of the Barry family!

If you would like to sign up to bring them a meal, you can access the meal schedule by clicking here, or by visiting TakeThemAMeal.com and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Barry) and password (baby).

Kids' Night Out - May 9th

kids night out.png

Kids Night Out aka Date Night!

Friday, May 9th from 5:30-8:30 at the Blue Church (3512 W 7th Ave)

Hey there parents of children in the 3-11 year old range!  

We've got an exciting event to tell you about.  On Friday, May 9th from 5:30-8:30, the teens and preteens are helping to host our first ever "Kids' Night Out"....also known as 'Date Night' for parents.  We, as teens and preteens and other volunteers, want to help parents have a night off  to spend time together without having to arrange childcare.  For those of you who are single parents or shift workers, we want to help you have a night to yourselves or to spend with friends. 

So, if you have kids in the 3-11 year old range that are old enough to be left in our care* (with all of your contact info), then please RSVP by Monday, May 5th to Lisl Baker to let her know how many kids you are sending for a fun night out!  *Because of our child care policies, your children must be toilet-trained. 

We will be providing a simple meal (grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and raw veggies) and lots of fun!  We just need you to provide the kids and a cellphone number we can call in case of an emergency.  If your kids have allergies or aversion to grilled cheese and soup, please send them with food.  

We're looking forward to our first KIDS' NIGHT OUT!!  And we hope that you are able to enjoy a Date Night - whatever that looks like for you!  



Welcome, Baby Hettler!

Welcome, Baby Hettler! 

We all share excitement and joy for the whole family!

If you'd like to help out, you can sign up to take the Hettlers a meal. You will be feeding 2 adults and 2 children. 

If you could kindly drop the meals to their home around 5pm, and please understand their need for quiet rest and sleep. 

Thank you so much for your love and support for this amazing family. We are thrilled for the safe and joyful arrival of little Daniel.

If you would like to sign up, you can access the meal schedule by clicking here, or by visiting TakeThemAMeal.com and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Hettler) and password (Baby).